Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Post ... More Malanb

Hi guys, I am so happy that you guys are reading my work especially my new blog, Heavy on Fashion. I am so happy you guys are enjoying my look on the fashion industry and my own fashion adventures along the way. I will try to have a couple of new post up every week. I am also attending a few fashion shows throughout the month and will be putting up pictures and even some exclusive video footage. if you are having a fashion show or beauty event in the New York area and would love to be feature on Heavy On fashion, contact me at milanmalan (at) gmail (dot)com or contact me by hitting the contact me icon on the toolbar at

For Milan Malan Word on The Street, I am post new and exciting music in the hip hop and R&B community almost everyday. I will also post some industry gossip. The Hip hop community is expanding all over the world, Milan Malan Word On The Street is here to tell it all. If you are a new group who would like to be feature on my blog than hit me up at milanmalan (at) gmail (dot)com or contact me by hitting the contact me icon on the toolbar at

I am happy to say I am currently working on a new article for H.A.S magazine and will be sending it out very soon. I hope the Editors like it. My plan is to send at least 1 article per month for the raising magazine. Shout out to H.A.S magazine for the fabulous opportunities they are giving me thus far. I can not wait to send you guys some new work.

I am still working with GlitterBuzzstyle and Lipstickandluxury on a freelance basis. I love these sites and I hope you guys check them out!

I am finally putting out another article for I know it is about time. One of the articles I would like to do is all about indie designers that I found out about online
I would love to interview new designers for my column on If you are a independent fashion designer that has a develop line, a website and/or store, and pictures of you collections, please contact me at milanmalan (at) gmail (dot) com. I am not leaving out my twitter peeps in this. I will be contact all my followers and friend that are in the industry to see if they are interested in the article.

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